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To all Grammar Nazis 

Do you mentally correct your friend’s sentence construction as she vents her anger at being sacked? Do you feel like punching your partner in the face when he says ‘You and me make a great team, baby’? Ignorance is truly bliss when it comes to matters of the English language. This is particularly true if you happen to be a grammar Nazi.

Everyone hates grammar Nazis because they ruin spectacular oratory moments by correcting trivialities in the language with that condescending tone. (You know which tone I’m talking about!) You drive friends away with your passionate lectures on the differences between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. You distract yourself by doing work that has nothing to do with the written word: accounting, engineering, medicine and the like, but your Nazi days still haunt you. Will you ever fit in?

LexiConn Content Services Pvt. Ltd. welcomes all grammar Nazis to its midst. Join our team and feel the pleasure of doing what is right! Create the kind of content that the world deserves!

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