Contrary to popular belief, writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Beginners are expected to fumble a little when venturing into the vast domain of content writing, and there are no two ways about it.


Read on to find what common mistakes beginners make when writing content.


Failing To Create A Mind-Map


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Doesn’t matter how many good ideas you have in your head, it’ll all come to naught if you do not jot them down on a mind-map. These maps are essential as they help you paint a clearer picture of how you want your content take to shape before you even begin writing.


Focussing On Quantity


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An eternal debate has been raging on for ages between Quality vs. Quantity. Although ruling out quantity is not at all recommended, doing so at the expense of quality is downright criminal. Quality content is what keeps the reader glued to your article. As a beginner, ensure that your blog posts/articles adhere to a quality standard before you commit to deliver a certain number of pieces.


Not Paying Attention To SEO


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When you publish something, you obviously want people to read it. Search Engine Optimization helps you to reach out to your target audience. Incorporate relevant keywords and sentences in your article that you think potential readers will search for when they’re browsing the internet. Forgetting the keywords, META content and tags are blatant mistakes that beginners tend to commit.


Writing For Too Wide An Audience


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Writing, as an art form, is always targeted to a wide and diverse audience. But, when writing content for a brand/company, make sure you have a specific target group set in mind. Targeting a group of potential clients and buyers will help you not only set the right style and tone for your piece, but will also fetch you higher number of readers whom you can convert to buyers/subscribers.


Failing To Proofread


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The gravest of the grave mistake that you can commit after writing content would be to not proofread your piece. Even an experienced writer commits mistakes like missing punctuation and silly typos. Which is why it is important to always proofread your articles before submitting them.


To start a career in content writing, possessing just the linguistic acumen is not enough. You need to master the various nuances and nitty-gritties which are also called, ‘Tricks of the Trade’.


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