While writing for a company or website, it is expected that the writer’s words are in sync, free-flowing and most importantly, error free. While you might have thoroughly checked your write-up, there are fair chances of overlooking a few things that can spoil an otherwise great piece of writing. To err may be human, but taking help from the right resources to overcome the error, makes one a smart human.

When grammar gets confusing, use any of these 5 effective grammar tools:





Grammarly acts as an automated proofreader and professional grammar trainer by scanning your whole write-up. This software can easily fix spelling mistakes, grammar error and other punctuation mistakes. Additionally, the premium version can help you with vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checks.


Ginger Software



Ginger helps you to rectify various contextual spelling mistakes, typos, misused words, and punctuation mistakes. It also boosts your writing productivity. You can download the software or use its online version.





Reverso not only helps with spell-check, but also with translation. With a huge database of real-life examples and a powerful linguistic search, Reverso is one of the most effective language tools to use.





It is a power-packed tool for detecting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style inconsistencies. Besides that, it also guides with extensive writing tutorials. Error explanations and text enrichment are some great features added to this tool.


Online Correction



For a blanket check, Online Correction is an apt choice. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that highlights the errors in different colour codes. The spelling errors are marked in red, and grammar suggestions are marked in green. If you only require basic proofing, this is the tool for you.


Double-checking your writing is fun and easy when these tools are there to support you. Keep an eye out for updates (new ones are released quite regularly) that can further help make proofreading a breeze.