Content writing today is focused, crisp and competitive. Words are flying around left, right and center, but it takes something special to make your writing stand out. How can you assert your presence in this world of words? Here is a handy go-to guide to writing kick-ass content:


Get Comfortable With Different Writing Styles

You may need to adapt your writing to the client’s requirements. A blog has a different tone than the landing page of a website. Writing for advertising may allow you to be funny, but product descriptions do not. Whitepapers and press releases are both formal documents, but follow different writing structures. Familiarity with all forms of writing makes you a sought-after content writer.


Write For Your Audience

Who will be reading your writing? You need to carefully evaluate readership to determine what is relevant, interesting and appealing to your target audience. This includes everything from the topic to the voice to the format. If you are writing for an entertainment website, you cannot write a research paper on the industry. You could, however, for the blog of a media training institute. Scope out your niche before you begin writing to ensure that your message lands in the way that you want it to.


Think Like A Marketer

If you are writing content for any online media, you need to learn some basic digital marketing essentials applicable to this realm. Online content writing without the awareness of keywords and SEO is like walking through a forest blindfolded. Use the knowledge of SEO keyword research to help you leverage your client’s strengths to their audience.


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Content writing is a constant learning process. You may be asked to write about a highly technical concept you have never heard before, or an ideology you don’t agree with. In any case, doing your research will help you convey the notion correctly. Even if you are writing about a familiar topic, always be modest enough to check with reliable sources if you are on the same page as the rest of the world. And if you are ever in doubt about spelling or grammar, immediately use a good online dictionary.


Be Original

The Internet is packed with content on every possible subject you can imagine. How will your writing stay afloat in the sea of words? One way to ensure that is to always write original content. Find a unique voice, angle or flow to any theme, and let your fingers fly on the keyboard. Of course, it is possible that someone else may have had the same idea as you, but it is important not to plagiarize any content while writing. Do a quick online search for current writing on the same topic, so you draw yourself some clearly demarcated territory.


And Words Are All I Have

Your superpower is content writing, and your ability to use words to encompass meaning makes you special. Channelize all your energy into commanding your words to do what you want them to. Tease them, make them malleable. Watch them as if they were in a kaleidoscope, taking different forms at the touch of your hand.


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