Content writing has become more valuable with time, which is why bloggers have a greater need and responsibility to create content that has more value. 


But what exactly do we mean by valuable content? 


Well, ‘valuable content’ means the content that is:

  • Supercharged with information that your users need (focuses on your target audience)
  • Delivers genuine, meaningful information interestingly (Includes attention-grabbing headlines, data, visuals, and authentic sources)
  • Relevant and drives specific actions (attracts and retains readers/ customers)

In simple terms, valuable content is the content that is aligned with your target audience’s needs. It serves a purpose bigger than just generating leads and sales. It educates, inspires, and helps your audience. And it is the content that they truly appreciate.


So, every time you create new content, make sure that it’s valuable to your target audience.


And how do you ensure that?


One of the simplest ways is – by creating a checklist and ensuring that you do not leave anything to chance. Checklists ensure that you do your task more effectively, and your content achieves the desired outcome every time.


Before you get started with your checklist, here’re a few key points to consider:



Is the content Findable?

What’s the use of creating content if your target audience cannot find it? So, you must ensure that your content is easily accessible to your audience. For example – when you write a blog for a specific audience, your readers should be able to find your blog/article effortlessly. And that would happen only if your blog gets through the first few results of the SERP. 


To ensure that, you must follow the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines which makes it easy for your readers to find your blog. Some other points that you can add to your checklist to help you make your content easily available to your readers are:


  • Use an H1 tag 
  • Put many H2 tags throughout your article
  • Add relevant links to other webpages in your article
  • Customize the metadata (keywords, title, description tags)
  • Describe images with Alt tags 

All these tips will help to describe your content as per the keywords searched by your target audience on the search engines. With the search engine results pages (SERPs) of your webpage improving, your content is now easy to find. 


Is the content Readable?

The audience keeps looking for the right content – the content that solves their problem, answers their queries, or simply provides them the information they need. So, you must ensure you’re your content includes all the information that the end-user requires.


Also, it’s hard to keep the user’s attention. So, you must make sure that you provide information that is easy to read and well organized.


To make your content more readable, use this checklist:


  • Use inverted pyramid style (Write the most important facts and vital information at your article’s beginning, to grab the user’s attention at the first glance)
  • Organize your content with bullet points (Most readers like to go through information quickly)
  • Keep your paragraphs short (Use three or fewer sentences in a paragraph)
  • Keep your sentences short (Keep a maximum of 10-12 words per sentence)

Is the content Understandable?

With millions of new content pieces getting online every minute, your readers will stick to your content only if they find it simple and easy to understand. 


It’s not an easy task! But you can do it if you know how to break down a complex topic and present it simply and straightforwardly. 


You can master this skill by keeping in mind these points:


  • Set a proper context before getting to your point
  • Keep in mind your reader’s persona 
  • Consider the reading level of your audience 
  • Select the right content format (blog, infographic, video, etc.)

Most importantly, your article should be able to convey everything to your readers in a simple manner. 


Is the content Usable?

You create content because you want the readers to utilize and take a specific action. How will you ensure that the audience takes action after going through your article? 


Here’s a simple checklist that you can use:


  • Put a call to action (CTA) before ending your article
  • Give your readers the option to comment
  • Interact with your audience by asking questions

Is the content Shareable?

You would also want your readers to share your content. For your audience to share the content, ensure that your content


  • Builds an interest among the readers 
  • Has a reason for the audience to share it
  • Includes a request to the readers to share the article

Go ahead, create a checklist for your company, and use it to create content that provides great value to your audience.


Need any help in creating a content marketing checklist? Contact us at LexiConn and we will ensure that you create great content for your audience so they keep coming back to your brand again and again!