Engaging, relevant, creative, and well-written content is crucial to all online marketing campaigns. 


To optimize their online presence and attract readers to their website, brands and marketers need to post compelling content on various social media platforms to increase their visibility and showcase their products and services effectively.


Businesses and digital marketers, big and small, hire skilled content writers to create quality content for their websites, blogs, directories, marketing campaigns, and more. 


Therefore, if you wish to become a content writer in 2022, you need to acquire specific content writing skills to make content creation the most fruitful career option for yourself.


Many beginners want to improve their creative writing skills and make a successful career in content writing


Also, it is pretty difficult for working professionals to return to school to learn a course needed to improve their writing skills. 


Fortunately, you can find many online content writing courses to help you polish your writing and hone your essential content writing skills.


This article will talk about some of the best and free content writing certifications and courses that are beneficial to both beginners and professionals. 


Though there are many courses to choose from, choosing a content writing course with certification is the best option to go for as it gives you and your resume an upper edge over others. 


Further, accreditation provides credibility to your professional skill-set and enhances your chances of getting hired for a related job.


Below-mentioned are the seven best-in-the-industry and free-of-cost online content writing courses with certification. Analyze the key features of these courses to select the one best suiting your writing style, profile, and requirement.


1. Secret Sauce of Great Writing

This course teaches you the four main concepts of good writing namely:

  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Elegance
  • Evocativeness

In addition to this, it will also help you learn how to add those ingredients skillfully and appropriately to your online content.


Secret Sauce of Great Writing


Key topics:

  • The Secret Sauce of Flair
  • The Four Crucial Ingredients
  • How I Discovered the Sauce
  • The Power of Simplicity
  • Simplicity Exercises
  • The Power of Clarity
  • Clarity Exercises
  • The Power of Elegance
  • Elegance Exercises
  • The Power of Evocativeness
  • Evocativeness Exercises


  • Online video content
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Instructor’s direct message


Duration: 41 minutes of on-demand video

Provider: Udemy

Level: Intermediate


What You Will Learn:

  • How to create powerful and impactful prose like professional writers
  • How to identify your writing weaknesses and improve them significantly


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2. Creative Writing Specialization

This course covers three essential elements of writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir. Herein, you will master any good writer’s techniques to create a story full of memorable characters. 


Creative Writing Specialization


Key Topics:

  • The Craft of Plot
  • The Craft of Character
  • Setting and Description
  • The Craft of Style



  • Self-Paced learning option for students
  • HD quality course videos
  • Practice quizzes
  • Graded assignments with peer feedback
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Programming assignments


Duration: Approximately six months

Provider: Coursera

Level: Beginner


What You Will Learn: 

  • Analyzing and constructively evaluating peer writing
  • How to write creative stories and memoirs


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3. Writing Articles

Articles are a medium to communicate complex ideas and stories in a friendly, credible, relatable, and easy-to-follow manner. This course will help you learn how to write and publish an article of your own.


Writing Articles


Key Topics:

  • Determining Your Article Writing Approach
  • Gathering Content for your Article
  • Producing Your Article
  • Polishing and Submitting Your Article
  • Promoting Your work


Duration: Self-placed

Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Level: Beginner


What You Will Learn:

  • How to determine your writing approach
  • How to pitch your story to a publication
  • How to research your subject matter
  • How to write and polish your article content


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4. How to Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television

This unique course teaches you to write a feature-length screenplay for film or television or web series. In this screenplay-writing course, you will also learn to break down the creative process into components. 


How to Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television


Key Topics:

  • Creating The Idea.
  • Logline and Dramatic Question.
  • Create your character profile.
  • The Three Act Story Arc.
  • Screenplay Formatting and Software.
  • Begin your screenplay.
  • Write the final section.
  • Table read your entire script.
  • Finishing things up.


Duration: Approx. 93 hours

Provider: Coursera

Level: Beginner


What You Will Learn:

  • How to produce a polished and pitch-ready script
  • How to improve your confidence in your ideas and abilities
  • How to pitch your first script 


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5. Start Writing Fiction

This course will help you create and develop your ideas so that these can reflect well on your writing and editing. It is suitable for writers who are interested in improving their fiction writing.

Start Writing Fiction


Key Topics:

  • How to create fictional characters
  • What are the different sources for characters in stories



  • Freedom to keep access to an online course you’ve achieved a digital certificate of
  • Flexibility to complete short courses at your own pace


Duration: 8 weeks

Provider: Future learn

Level: Intermediate


What You Will Learn: 

  • Ways of presenting characters in stories
  • Reading as a writer
  • Writing skills like creativity, research, observation, and editing


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6. How to Write with Impact

This course teaches you how to make your writing more impactful. The instructor will also talk about choosing the appropriate words and the tone of your content.


The instructor will share his understanding of grammar and sentence structure, which is necessary for impactful writing. This course will equip you with plenty of practical writing tips to help you make your writing clear and crisp.

How to Write with Impact


Key topics:

  • Basic of writing with impact
  • Know more about your readers



  • It helps you qualify for continuing education units
  • Chapter quizzes
  • Professional author instructor
  • Certificate on completion


Duration: 1-hour on-demand video

Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Level: Intermediate


What You Will Learn: 

  • Understanding How People Read
  • Write Crisp, Clear, and Right Content


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7. Creative Writing by Margaret Atwood – Master Class

This course was created by Margaret Atwood, who is one of the top writers in the world. Through this course,  you can learn to structure your content writing, make engaging story plots, and much more.


After completing this course, you will be confident to write great content by pushing your imagination to the boundaries. You will also be able to overcome the fear of writing by following the techniques discussed by the educator.


Creative Writing by Margaret Atwood


Key Features

  • Learn content writing through the notes and research of one of the best writers in the world
  • A downloadable workbook consists of assignments, study notes, and materials
  • Manage writer’s block effectively


Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes

Provider: Margaret Atwood

Level: Intermediate


What You Will Learn: 

  • How to craft compelling stories from historical to speculative fiction
  • How to make your content timeless and relevant
  • The creative process for developing ideas into novels with strong structures and nuanced characters

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Skills Required for Content Writing

Irrespective of what kind of content you are writing or whom you are writing for, you need to imbibe several parameters in your skill-set to be good at the game and to have a flourishing career in content writing . Let’s have a look at the most desirable content writing skills:


1. Strong Research Skills

Good research is the key to good content writing as it adds credibility and value to your content. Finding trustworthy and exciting information from reliable sources online is essential and helps you create relevant and unique content for your readers.


2. Adaptability

For a content piece to stand out, the tone and style of the writing must fit into the theme or the idea of the topic. Writing a white paper requires different parameters as compared to crafting a blog post. As a content writer, you must strive to learn more and more writing styles to bring value to your creations.


3. Uniqueness

Plagiarism is taboo in the world of content. A good content writer is expected to present content that has been crafted with originality. So, try making your content as original as possible by putting the researched information, ideas, tips, and theories in your style.


4. Understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even the most relatable and appropriate content is useless if the targeted readers are unable to find it. This makes it essential for the content writers to stay updated with the SEO basics and craft SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and keywords effectively to create the visibility of their content.


5. Ability to meet deadlines

A successful content writer builds his reliability by delivering high-quality content promptly and within the deadlines suggested by the client. Good time management is also essential to help you determine how many writing jobs you can accept and reject and deliver on time.


6. Editing

First drafts are rarely perfect. Professional editing skills require patience, discipline, and a good eye for detail. In addition to grammar, spelling, and punctuation, a content writer must repeatedly look for redundant points and overused words if you spend more time editing than writing. Remember the saying, ‘There is no great writing, only great rewriting.


7. Social Media Knowledge

Considering as many as 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, it is vital to know the ins and outs of social media platforms where audience engagement is exceptionally high. Having a good understanding of this helps the content writer connect better with his readers.


8. The Ability to Get Focused

Writing requires focus, and this can sometimes be hard to find. During the hour of work, a content writer must essentially get rid of distractions and focus on the project he is working on. Doing so will help him align and organize his thoughts successfully into creative writing.


Tips on how to choose an Online Content Writing Certification Course

To help you reduce the confusion regarding selecting an appropriate content writing course, we have prepared some important guidelines to ease your process.


1. Identify your goal:

Try to find out your goal. It could be anything from learning basic writing skills, improving your grammar, learning notification writing to mastering fiction and nonfiction writing.


2. Set your course budget:

Decide how much time and money you are ready to spend. Though there are many free online writing courses available today, you might need to enroll for a paid course to learn an advanced creative writing course for equipping yourself with the latest strategies and tricks of the trade.


3. Pick a Commitment Level:

Deciding much daily or weekly time you can spend on learning a course is one of the most critical aspects of choosing an online writing course. However, many online courses are entirely self-paced, allowing you to work independently and take as much time as required.


Writing catchy and worthy content is an art. While some writers are born with the skills needed, others seek professional help to learn and practice these. Once you get a basic hang of the content writing skills, focus on learning the trending content ideas that will help you generate A+ content for your readers. 


An online content writing certification course is just the right decision to amp up your writing skills and make your mark in the booming sector of content creation.