How to have fun with Creative Non-fiction



When one thinks of writing and reading, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is a stack of novels in the display window of a bookstore. But writing isn’t just about creating fantasies. While fiction may be the most popular form of writing, creative non-fiction can be just as fulfilling, as just as fun! Creative non-fiction includes anything that stemmed from reality and was skilfully sculpted in the hands of a resourceful writer.


Here are some tips to have fun with creative nonfiction writing:


Choose What Inspires You

Have you always looked up to a historical figure, or imagined what it would be like to live in their time? Writing biographies may be an exciting window into that world! Or you could help someone write their autobiography – this may just be your chance to meet your idol!


Brandish Your Pen

Literary journalism is a writer’s way of changing the world. Communicating motivational stories of real-life heroes to the world can be an extremely rewarding form of writing.


Heal The World

If you feel you have answers to unasked questions, starting an advice column may be the best way to express them! Simply start writing about what you know, and before you know it, someone may want to know it too!


Share Your Life

Writing personal essays or memoirs are moving ways of sharing your life stories with the world. If your journey may inspire someone else, then writing about it is a great way to make a difference.


Explore Your Interests

Are you the type of person who wonders about how many bookstores does London have? Or how many countries in Africa have East Asian restaurants? If you have thought of something, chances are, other have too. Write a feature article about anything you would like to explore!


Play With Words

Once you take away the stress of spinning a story, you will discover the joy in crafting words. Use your language to build your thoughts to a crescendo, and watch as the catapult your ideas to delightful avenues.


Welcome to creative non-fiction writing… welcome to LexiConn…!