Why Indian Writers Fail…



Being a writer is terrifying. You grapple at your reader’s attention with elaborate sentences and sparkly words, but you can’t be sure of their adoration. You put your soul on a platform, ready to be judged. It’s a gamble. But being an Indian author is much harder.


Perhaps you sent your manuscript to a publisher and got rejected. Maybe you self published your book with some shady publication house, and got drowned in obscurity. Perhaps your book lies under a bed, with broken toys and webs.


You should have listened to your sensible father when he said ‘This is not a job! You’re a joke.’ You should have gone out to play instead of scribbling incoherent words into a notebook. You should have gone to that slumber party instead of whacking away at your computer. But you didn’t.


It is a wretched curse, but a curse you love. You are an Indian author; you know this already. Nobody reads anymore, and rich literature is lost in the smog somewhere. Tagore would be ashamed!


There are two paths for an Indian author to be successful in the publishing industry. You need to either write about poverty and hunger, or about call centers. The former will get you awards, and the latter will get you a publisher. This is nothing but literary prostitution. You can’t! You just.. can’t!


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