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Writing Product Description That Works 

As online shoppers or even sellers, you find a lot of product descriptions online. Unfortunately, most of them are blunt pieces of information. Remember that the buyer is looking for something unique and informative. If you evaluate their buying patterns, you realize that online shopping is a combination of planned and impulse purchasing. Hence, product descriptions writing require balancing information and appeal.

When your product content is similar to the ones available on the web, the Google search engine has its own way to express displeasure. It uses the ‘Farmer Algorithm’ to penalize websites that do not carry original content. Besides, one should stress on original content because it catches the attention of the casual web surfer who might convert into a buyer. Remember, one should write for the reader and not just for the search engines!

Key Aspects for Product Description Writing:

Know Thy Self:

Know your product thoroughly. Avoid ambiguity and vagueness. Ensure that readers learn about the key features of your product. The descriptions should clearly communicate the unique benefits that the product is likely to deliver. Add something extra to engage the reader.

For example, if your product is a lipstick, writing about its shade and cost is not enough. It would certainly help the reader if you mentioned the benefits. You can add information about how long the lipstick is likely to last, share tips about the best way to use it – e.g. ‘it looks great with a gloss or with two coats’.

Know Your Audience:

Professional product description writing needs focus on three factors – audience, structure and voice. As a marketer, it is important to know, understand and cater to the mindset of your audience.

Your brand has a voice of its own; it can be youthful, formal, mature, etc. Your customers will relate to your brand by its voice. The product description should reflect this in its tone.

Form a Structure:

Every product description should have a structure; it should start with a certain idea. It should include all the essential points in a simple and effective manner. With an established structure, visitors to your website would know exactly where to look for specific type of information.

Right Information:

Every product has features and benefits. However, it is critical to highlight only the most unique ones. The right balance is to be informative and convincing simultaneously. Tell the customer what is on sale and why they should buy it.

The points you shouldn’t miss are:

  • What is the product?
  • What problem does it address/ solve?
  • What is unique about it?
  • Why should the consumer buy the product?

Writing a compelling product description is speaking to the audience in their own language and providing them with the information they need. As the attention span of the audience on the web is just a few seconds, and loyalties are fickle, product descriptions should be concise, precise and convincing. A great product description is the one that stimulates the customers to hit the buy button.

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