“The pleasure of reading a story and wondering what will come next for the hero is a pleasure that has lasted for centuries and, I think, will alway

Want to start a blog but you’re at your wit’s end as to what to write Too many topics, too many interests, too many thoughts and feelings that’s too overw

No writer fears writer’s block less than Voldemort feared his death The inability to create something new or the stagnation of one’s imagination is the ulti

  Writing a fashion blog is a dream of a lot of writers It's because of the exposure that the writer can hope to get after one successful article Here are

  Fashion writing is highly plagued by stereotypes Whether it is a thin person, plus size person, a tomboy, a metrosexual man; the mere act of using such

Content Tip 68: When planning a website, clearly differentiate the Static sections of the site from the Dynamic ones You will need to your content accordingly