One upon a time. In a land not so far away, someone wanted a “happy and fulfilling” career. Soulsearching led him to believe that he wanted to become a “reader”, after all, reading is what he liked most. He had an expansive collection of books too. But no one would pay him to sit around and read. He decided to do the next-best thing. He became a “writer” instead. This way, he could read each day, officially.

Soon, one thing led to another and a “content writing company” was floated. Let’s call it “entrepreneurship by chance”. The goal of the company was to marry his passion for marketing with the joys of writing. Voila! LexiConn was born. The year was 2009 and the company was started from a dining table. No business plans, no pitches, and no feasibility studies. Just plain old Passion.

Since then, likeminded people have come together and LexiConn has achieved success – across domain and mediums. We have built services from scratch and we have experimented endlessly. Today, the company has executed 3000+ projects and offers a staggering array of 35+ writing services to clients across 20 countries.

However, the sense of adventure is rife, and the passion for reading and writing continues to drive us ever so vigorously.

No advertising. No marketing. No venture capital. No outbound sales team.

And of course, we’re just getting started.