Cherry-picked, hand-picked, and treasured. LexiConn is home to those who have decided to take the road less travelled – and it continues to make all the difference. Chefs, bankers, journalists, accountants, engineers, techies, psychologists, cricket umpires, fashionistas, dancers, insurance salesmen; LexiConn is a haven for mavericks.

Our strength is flexibility. Just as water can mould itself to make headway and yet be just as pristine, we learn quickly, and shape-up for your content needs. We take business knowledge, fuse it with your marketing goals, spice it up with contemporary linguistics, and add a dash of share-ability quotient to serve customized content.

We are neither an advertising agency nor a publishing house. We are a team of on-demand business writers, creative writers, graphic designers, and SEO experts, supported by subject matter experts. Our clients value us for our resourcefulness; they count on us for the freshness, agility, cost-effectiveness, and dependability we bring to the table.

Our Founder

Khamir Purohit
Founder, Director

Khamir is a B.E (Instrumentation) and MBA (Marketing) from Mumbai University. He began his career as a banker, but soon started out to setup LexiConn. He enjoys reading, running, and everything marketing.