The best thing about building something ground-up is that there are no benchmarks, and the sky is the limit. We firmly believe that ‘content is king’ and that ‘the client knows best’.

That is why we built systems and processes that allow our clients to collaborate and co-create content. Our clients are pleasantly surprised by how quickly we understand their business, mould ourselves for their requirements and work like an extension of their internal teams.

This means that we do our homework, and ask a lot of intelligent questions. We track the latest developments in their fields, we send out detailed questionnaires, we nominate ourselves for product trainings, we get certified, we seek interviews with industry experts, and we are never afraid to roll up our sleeves and delve into the client’s business.

Clearly, we are writers for the classes and not the masses. All of this ensures that we create meaningful, effective, and thought-provoking content that makes business sense.

At LexiConn, Quality always matters more than Quantity.