Direct Marketing  


Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing – Personalized, Targeted, and Measurable

Direct marketing is a mode of advertising where one communicates directly to a well-defined target audience. It can be through personalized direct emails, desk calendars, tele-sales, SMS, digital retargeting, postal mails and more.

As a marketer, you can use direct marketing to reach out to specific target audiences by customizing communications. This is possible if you can clearly segment your market, identify your prospects, and offer tailored solutions. You must also have a tried-and-tested customer contact database.

Marketing Tip: To know your market better, engage a market research agency to collect first-hand data. Segment them as per geography, demography, behaviour (usage habits), psychology and media habits and position your products/services accordingly.

Explore Direct Marketing Ideas

  • Introduction Emails
    Emails and messages introducing your company, product or service are an ideal mode to start a formal communication with your prospects. An introduction email should be customized to address your reader’s key concerns. Offer specific solutions to these challenges. This highlights your understanding of their needs and helps build trust.
  • Sales Pitches
    One of the oldest and most trusted modes of direct marketing is a one-on-one sales pitch. Thorough product knowledge, an awareness of competitor’s products, answers to FAQs and the USP of your own product are the basics for an effective sales pitch.

    Creating an engaging and fruitful sales pitch requires a marketer to take the prospect through the following steps

  • Business Presentations
    Whatever you are selling – a product, a service or a concept, a professional business presentation helps you share your ideas in a refined and sequential manner. Sales pitches, business meetings, reviews, and motivational lectures – most direct interactions require slide-shows and presentations. The mantra to a successful business presentation is to KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) so that your audience remains interested!
  • Product Emailer
    Email is an inexpensive and convenient way to sort, target, customize and send out regular communications to your prospects. Emails allow you to convert Desire into Action through a single click. However, the true test of an email campaign is the number of conversions.

    A product email must be a short and creative write-up which can inform, engage, and induce action. Other characteristics of a smart product email are:

    • Tactfully written subject lines that can avoid spam filters
    • Informative subject lines which your readers rush to open
    • A carefully written headline and a short body copy to suit the trigger case
    • A bulleted list of key features
    • A clear and bold Call To Action hyperlink
    • An easily visible ‘Unsubscribe’ button (that works!)

    Marketing Tip: Emails can be sent as HTML coded newsletters, as images that directly open in the inbox, or as hyperlinks to externally hosted resources. Create different emails for different trigger cases.

If your business requires direct marketing collateral, talk to us. Over the years, LexiConn has helped hundreds of businesses get their message out to their TA though company profiles, product descriptions, business presentations, and engaging online and offline communications. Our team will work closely with you to understand your products/services and the habits of your target audience to create customized direct marketing materials.