Quizzes as Branded Content

Bloom’s Taxonomy states that the ability to Apply, Analyze, and Evaluate rank higher than the ability to Remember and Understand. Quizzes are a mode of learning that allow deeper cognition and promote higher forms of thinking.

That is why quizzes have been an integral part of academic learning, and over the years, instruction designers have employed them for evaluation and reinforcement. However, the applications of quizzes are far beyond academics and classrooms.

In these times of dwindling attention spans and content overload, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to engage audiences. Luckily, there are innovative content platforms to break the clutter and quizzes rank right at the top.

How Can Quizzes Help Bands?

Polls, quizzes, surveys, and debates are formats that not only allow you to engage your audience but also help you know more about them, while smartly positioning your brand. Incorporating quizzes with subtle brand messages can help increase visibility and build interest.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Interactive quizzes warrant inputs from your readers. These could be clicks on MCQs, typing out answers, spotting the difference, finding the odd one out, doing mental math, taking grammar tests, findings objects in a maze, recognizing voices/speakers, and more. Quizzes make your audience “do” rather than “see”. Hence, this is a great mode to get your prospect’s Attention (Interest, Desire and Action can then follow).

Quizzes are Easy to Implement

Quizzes can be coded using quiz templates for embedding them into your website/portal. Alternatively, quizzes can also be hosted on third-party quiz platforms that also offer highly insightful analytics and data collection. Engaging quizzes can also be created on social media platforms and quickly shared with fans and followers.

Quizzes can be customized to:

  • Create a Buzz
    From contest questions centred around a new release, to daily quizzes with subtle references to your brand, quizzes can help generate interest. For example, allowing people the chance to find out what character they are from a particular movie can increase curiosity about the movie.
  • Publicize Your Products
    Questions that test knowledge about your products or services (e.g.: What are the key ingredient for a perfect cappuccino?) can lead to potential customers learning more about your offerings. Organising quiz-based contests with giveaways and other prizes is a popular way to market products and build engagement.
  • Increase On-Page Engagement
    Entertaining and informative quizzes can encourage visitors to stay longer and interact more with your website or social media pages. These quizzes could be educational (e.g.: ones that let users test their IQ), or frivolous (you would be surprised at the number of people who want to know what flavour of ice cream they are).
  • Gather Information
    Online quizzes can be smartly tweaked to collect user details (either directly through forms or indirectly through browsing data) like name, email IDs, demography, and communication preferences, to build a direct marketing database. One can also use quizzes to collect feedback from potential and existing customers, learn about their preferences, seek insights for new product design, and even co-create features.
  • Engage Employees
    Flash quizzes and those incorporated into training and development programs can help gauge employee knowledge and skill levels. These can also be used as fun activities to improve employee engagement.

How to Create the Perfect Quiz?

A quiz that is easy to go through requires sufficient planning and effort. Here are some points to keep in mind while creating a quiz

  • Choose the Right Format
    Multiple Choice, True or False, Fill in The Blanks, and more – it is important to select the format that best suits your requirements and appeals to the target group. When supplemented with images, videos, or gifs, quiz engagement levels can shoot up!
  • Distribution Matters
    Tailor your quiz to suit the platform through which users will engage with it. For example, a quiz designed for a website can be enhanced with images and text, whereas one for mobile (SMS) needs to be crisp, and meet the character counts.
  • Keep it Simple
    No one likes to spend hours going through convoluted questionnaires. Crisp and brief questions ensure that the quiz is applicable to a larger audience and keeps them interested.
  • Test the Results
    Apart from testing the logic, the subject matter, and the answer set, test the quiz for bugs, inconsistencies, and glitches. Ensure that it woks equally well on different platforms and screen sizes. Also test it for different scenarios and build in features to flip or randomize the questions or options. Involve your marketing teams to make sure that the data being collected is comprehensive and useful.

With LexiConn, you get a content creation team that understands your requirements to conceptualise and create quizzes to engage your target audience. We work closely with your brand to build on the message you wish to promote, and create quizzes, polls, surveys, and debates to do just that.

If you are looking to create a set of quizzes that presses all the right buttons on your content marketing plan, reach out to us.