I am interested in some of your content writing services. How can we take things ahead?

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us to share your requirements. Our Content Consultants will attend to your query within 24 working hours.

Why do I need a Copywriting Agency?

Outsourcing writing for business might not be as common as engaging a logo designer or a web developer. However, you need specialist business writers just as much as you need creative designers and technical experts. An agency can offer you Dependability, Uniformity (of style, tone, vocabulary, etc.) and Responsiveness for creating Customized, Contextual, and Cost-effective Communications.

LexiConn is one such specialist content writing agency that is a one-stop-shop for various writing, editing and proofreading requirements. We understand your business and can write for a B2B (business to business) as well as B2C (business to consumer) audience across media channels.

How is LexiConn different from an advertising agency?

Unlike a traditional advertising or designing agency, LexiConn is a focused copywriting and content writing company that can help you with your content marketing objectives. We concentrate our resources on written communications alone.

We understand your business, follow a proven content creation and editorial process, and can write Search Engine Optimized content. We are also adept at fulfilling content requirements for other marketing and business collateral such as brochures, newsletters, articles (article marketing), press releases, presentations, and more.

Since we understand the end-to-end process, we form seamless partnerships with web designers and communication agencies and deliver business-appropriate content that accentuates the design and creatives. Our clients outsource their copywriting requirements for their properties like articles, business blogs, dynamic websites, e-commerce product descriptions, monthly newsletters, etc.

Will you be able to understand our business? Do you have 'Domain Experts' or 'Subject Matter Experts'?

LexiConn is a team of business majors and language experts. We invest a significant amount of time to understand your business and its requirements. We do this by analyzing information through dialogues, questionnaires, referring to older communication materials and related online resources.

If a project demands, we engage domain experts and SMEs for the data mining and ideation phase. Together we have catered to more than 20 business domains like:

  • Consultants, HR
  • E-commerce
  • Education & E-learning
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Fashion
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG
  • IT, ITeS
  • Lifestyle & Wellness
  • Logistics
  • Medicine & Pharma
  • NGO
  • Real Estate & Infra
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Textiles
  • Travel & Hospitality
What Are Your Engagement Models?

Every project is different and warrants an appropriate engagement and pricing model. Currently, we offer the following models:

  • Project Basis – Fees are quoted based on the nature of the work.
    • Benefit: No fixed cost.
    • Ideal for: Pilot projects, test-runs, ad-hoc, and one-off requirements
  • Retainer – A fixed monthly fee is charged, for a loosely defined recurring requirement.
    • Benefit: Helps execute content marketing strategy. Flexibility to choose services.
    • Ideal for: On-going communications and campaigns.
  • FTE - Full-time equivalent (FTE) or whole-time equivalent (WTE) is a model where billing is based on the hours worked (on a full-time basis).
    • Benefit: Ease of co-ordination, revisions and faster TAT, flexibility. Like your in-house team.
    • Ideal for: Complex “building-stage” projects with multiple stakeholders and multilevel approval
What Are the Fees Based On?

Content Writing is a Techno-creative process. Every project is different, and hence, we do not have rack-rates. Broadly, the rates depend on:

  • Where we start
    • Do you have all the content in a single soft copy (.doc) and want us to edit, polish and/ or proofread it? OR
    • Do you want us to collate existing information from brochures, presentations, websites, catalogues, etc.? OR
    • Do you want us to research and bring in new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives?
  • Your business domain and its technicalities - For e.g. A need to engage SMEs
  • Need for inserting keywords for SEO
  • Customizing the content for web, print, newsletters, social media, other media
  • Volume and frequency (for blogs, articles, quizzes, and newsletters)

Please Contact us and share your requirements.

What are the copyright issues? or Who owns the rights over the content LexiConn develops?

Once the project is concluded in all respects (including final payments, taxes, etc), the copyright will lie solely with the client. To safeguard your interests, we can enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement and issue a certificate to ascertain that the content we develop is "plagiarism free".

We already have a functional website. I am not happy with the content. How can you help?

You need Content Evaluation and Consulting. In case you feel that there are grammatical or contextual errors in your website, brochure, report, newsletters, etc., write to us and share the same.

For a small fee, our business and language experts will evaluate certain key sections and give you suggestions for improving the language, presentation, and readability of your content. We will advise you regarding the tone, word usage, sentence construction and cross-cultural issues too.

We are a designing/ advertising/ web development company and want to outsource content requirements to LexiConn. How does that work?

We welcome such strategic partnerships. We can fulfil the content writing and copywriting requirements for your clients without interfering in the designing or execution aspects. However, due to the nature of our service, we request direct access to the client so that our writers and designers can interview them. We support you on content while you run the show.