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Case Study

LexiConn helped Amazon India Grow B2B Web Traffic with Business Blogs

Discover how Amazon leveraged informative business blogs to engage SME buyers and drive growth on Amazon Business, its B2B ecommerce platform.

Business Blogs
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Case Study

BPCL engaged LexiConn to Curate Content for 500+ Travel Destinations

See how meticulous data aggregation and annotation brought BPCL's vision of a revolutionary road trip app guiding travellers across India to life.

data aggregation
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Case Study

LexiConn helped HDFC Bank conduct a Content Audit

Learn how LexiConn helped HDFC Bank, India's leading private sector bank, assess and improve its client communication through meticulous content auditing.

Content Audit
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Case Study

LexiConn partnered M56 Studios to Create 50,000+ Quiz Questions!

Discover how LexiConn partnered with M56 Studios to quickly research, write, moderate and audit thousands quiz questions across topics.

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Case Study

Service Club trusted LexiConn for 70+ Microlearning Modules

Discover how we developed mobile-first microlearning content to upskill delivery partners across the globe for Service Club, a Barcelona based HR-tech startup.

microlearning content
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Case Study

LexiConn partnered Nuvama Wealth to Build Thought Leadership with Content

Discover how informative and engaging content helped Nuvama Wealth, a leading wealth management firm, establish thought leadership and appeal to mature investors.

thought leadership
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Case Study

Learn how Zee5 Unlocked the Power of Metadata

Zee5, India's leading OTT platform, leveraged metadata to fuel exponential growth and claim the #2 spot among entertainment apps.


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