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BPCL Road Trip App

Bringing a Travel App to Life

In this case study, we delve into the behind-the-scenes process that led to the successful development of BPCL's road trip app.

It all began with LexiConn's meticulous data aggregation efforts, involving the careful sourcing of information from hundreds of primary sources.

BPCL Happy Roads Travel App
Content Aggregation

Our Data Aggregation Approach

Our expertise in data annotation and data management played a pivotal role in this journey. By effectively organizing, annotating, and managing the data, we brought BPCL's road trip app to life.

This comprehensive approach ensured that users of the app received accurate and valuable information, making their travel experiences smoother and more enjoyable.

Our approach involved:

  • Meticulous research from diverse sources
  • Engaging local freelancers for authenticity
  • Addressing multilingual complexities
  • Rigorous quality checks

The Outcome

Our meticulous data annotation and aggregation brought BPCL's visionary road trip app to life, transforming the road travel experience in India.

The collective hard work, collaboration, and brainstorming sessions culminated with LexiConn winning the India Content Leadership Award in the Best Content for a Travel/ Tourism App category.

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