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A Thailand-Based Health Company  

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Mega Lifesciences Pty Ltd. is a Thailand-based, health and wellness company with a presence across many south-east Asian countries. They were looking for website content for two of their sub companies- ‘Baby Natura’ and ‘Natural WeCare’- that offer plant-based wholefood for babies and adults respectively.

Work Done

LexiConn was approached to create the required web content. The challenge was that LexiConn had to first understand the ideology behind plant-based wholefood, before we could create any content.

Therefore, to properly understand the subject matter and do justice to the content, we offered them a full-time equivalent model of work, in which one of our employees went to their office, as a representative of LexiConn, and worked from there for a set time period.

As a result, we were successfully able to create web content for both the websites. Our success has led to a continued association with them.

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