Active Ai, a Singapore-based Fintech startup having its subsidiaries in the US and India, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver conversational banking services.

The company helps financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and insurance companies create intelligent virtual assistants or chatbots to enable customers to have seamless conversations via messaging, voice or IoT devices, and also solve the problems the customers face in real-time.

Work Done

With its aim to assist banks and other financial institutions in achieving intuitive and intelligent consumer engagement, Active Ai approached LexiConn with the requirement of refurbishing the existing FAQ content for a chatbot they deployed on their client’s website. The goal was to achieve higher accuracy, lower false positives, and overall better user experience.

The FAQ questions present on their clients’ websites needed to be modified not only for grammatical accuracy but also to be checked for redundancy. The team at LexiConn set to the task and updated the set of the questions and flagged the repetitive ones. It resulted in proper restructuring of the data to enable seamless customer interaction for Active Ai’s clients, while also ensuring overall better management experience for the administrators.

Content Solution

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