Established in 1999, Alchemy Capital Management is one of India’s leading Portfolio Management Service (PMS) providers managing USD 893 million worth of group assets (as on December 31, 2020).

The company’s PMS has an exemplary track record of providing superior client experience, in keeping with investors’ long-term wealth creation goals. It offers continuous intelligence about the economy, stock market and other potential opportunities in the Indian business ecosystem.

Work Done

For LexiConn, the mandate that commenced with a one-time activity of revamping the existing website as per the client’s broader objectives, soon transformed into a dynamic engagement that involved creating content on trending topics on finance and investment.

It warranted staying on top of developments shaping the economy, an in-depth understanding of financial terms and extensive research. Jargon-free and engaging, the writing had to be reader-friendly and easy to comprehend. Our expertise in similar-themed projects helped us complete the assignment while adding value to the task.

Content Solution

Web Content Writing, Drafting Emailers, WhatsApp Message Writing

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