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An E-Learning Portal for Math  

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MathsRepublic Pty Ltd is an Australian E-learning Portal, specially for mathematics. They provide math problems of various difficulty levels, for both teachers and students of grades of 5 to 10. And to make the problems understable and interactive, each problem and its solution are explained step-by-step. They were looking for help with converting the math problems they had into this instructional design format.

Work Done

LexiConn was commissioned to re-purpose the content and directly upload it to their site. They provided us with a source for the math problems and the rest was left to us.

We took up the challenge and our language expertise and familiarity with content re-purposing allowed us to meet the client’s into the step-by-step instructional design as required by the client.

Our success with MathsRepublic has renewed our association with them and we have now been commissioned to write for their new portal Maker Republic as well.

Content Solution

Content Repurposing

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