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Bajaj Finserv is the financial services company of the Bajaj Group.With the intention to build a set of financial service businesses in coming years that share the Bajaj Finserv Group’s common values of reliability, innovation and efficiency and provide customers with high quality products and services, Bajaj Finserv has created its brand identity. The new identity is easily identifiable and yet distinct. All the businesses under Bajaj Finserv would use the common identity in a coherent manner such that consumers experience the Bajaj Finserv values and identify the new brand identity with the same through each business.



Work Done

LexiConn was approached for writing articles for the topics which were in the lines of public and finance interest. As per our approach, we first sent a detailed questionnaire to understand the requirements of the client. Based on the inputs from the clients, we successfully wrote articles on the topics as suggested by Bajaj Finserv.

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