Founded by Mr. Archit Lohia is February 2015, Career Topper is a leading edu-advisory venture based in Mumbai, India. It provides corporate education and specialised training programs on the ‘Alternate Investment’ domain through online classes, blogs, and study materials.

Over the years, Career Topper has conducted training programs at many major banks, regulators, training institutes, colleges, and start-ups. The main aim of the company is to upskill the finance professionals and give them a competitive edge by providing niche Knowledge about the global financial environment and opportunities in the alternative investment market.

Work Done

The client wanted to launch its very first website after four years of business. When Mr. Archit Lohia met our Director Mr. Khamir Purohit at an educational event, he immediately approached him with his content requirement. His main objective was to have SEO-friendly content for his website which can not only hook the reader’s attention but also educate them a bit about the alternative investment domain. Amidst all this, the content has to be crisp, catchy, and clear.

We, at LexiConn got into action immediately and started delivering the content for different web pages one by one. From Home Page to Product portfolio to Contact Us, we created multiple pages as per the client’s requirement and preferences. We had multiple feedback sessions with the client before we received the final “Happy and Satisfied” mail from him.

Content Solution

Web Content

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