Cigniti is a pureplay Quality Engineering & Software Testing services company, maintaining a strategic presence in the IT supply chains of the leading organizations worldwide. It is one of the industry pioneers that tapped into the compelling AI possibilities for Agile and DevOps to elevate the state of enterprise digital asset development and delivery.

As a Quality Engineering and platform assurance partner for global entities, Cigniti strives to consistently predict and counter unforeseen disruptions in the Software Development lifecycle, improve build outcomes, reduce the cost of quality and expedite the time-to-market for breakthroughs. The company leverages AI-driven, proprietary Continuous Testing & Test Automation solutions with customer-centricity to steer its value proposition.

Cigniti’s portfolio is diverse, with its specializations ranging from Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, Digital Assurance to Quality Assurance services. Today, it is ranked one of the frontline Application Testing Services vendors worldwide, recognized by the principal market analyst agencies and enterprise service consumers alike.



Work Done

As a trailblazer with many industry firsts to its name, Cigniti intended to build a thought leadership posture by the publication of its progressive views on key business trends and existing domain priorities. The client was looking for a content partner with a substantial understanding of application development and testing dynamics to develop a series of whitepapers. They are focused on the evolving role of cognitive technologies in ensuring system performance and shaping the end-user experience across industries.

Considering the criticality of the engagement, LexiConn brought its unmatched technical content development acumen into effect. We committed a team of senior content architects, subject matter experts, and developers well-versed in the targeted business landscape. To ensure the transparency, orderability, and punctuality of the deliverables, we developed a flexible pipeline and a Project Governance Framework, embedding POCs from Cigniti and LexiConn. It is a collaborative mechanism that involves the finalization of the whitepaper topics, joint research and outline building, development, delivery, and feedback incorporation. Steered by some of our best minds, the content delivery model is pliant enough to be adjusted according to the changing marketing requirements of Cigniti.

As the exclusive content partner of Cigniti, LexiConn is tasked with capturing the client’s technical intellect with high fidelity and infusing it with the company’s peerless capabilities in the domain to develop potential inbound marketing resources. We are committed to bringing our content excellence in accentuating the use cases where Cigniti as an application quality engineering and platform assurance partner can decisively drive high tangibility and predictable value for its clientele operating across the industry verticals.

Currently, LexiConn continues its successful association with Cigniti. Over the years, the work scope has increased exponentially, with our technical content development skill sets brought into play for covering almost the entire length and breadth of Cigniti’s services trajectory.

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