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Achievers zone is a company into business consulting and training. They wanted to create a series of self-help books across various topics, for which they needed ghost writers. The task was to interview their key stakeholders. We also had to go through several hours of their training, teaching sessions, their videos, and personal notes to develop the entire storyline, subject matter and eventually weave them into chapters.

Work Done

LexiConn was called upon to ideate. Right from the beginning, we developed the subject lines. We suggested that four books can be written on topics like attitude, goal setting, leadership and team management. Eventually, these books were published in the names of key office bearers, highly successful speakers, and motivation leaders. The books are called you are your attitude, Get Set Goals, Lead your way and Taking charge of your team.

Lexicon worked very closely with the publishers to create the books. They were a combination of theory, practicals as well as useful tools and exercises that would help any reader come back to the book again. This was done in the record time of two months. LexiConn wrote 4 books, each one to the tune of 30,000 words, in the span of just 2 months. The research included watching the video of the authors, picking up anecdotes, interviewing people as well as creating content from notes and interviews.

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