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D.P Zaveri & Sons are the leading manufacturers of silver jewelry and artifacts. It was established in 1958 and has nurtured through the ages. They have the unique ability to create almost all kinds, shapes, sizes and complexity of silver artifacts. They signed LexiConn to write the web content for their website.

Work Done

D.P Zaveri represents much more than a lineage of silverware merchant. They wanted to create an attractive website with all the details of the work they do. LexiConn sprung into action. Our team of writers interviewed the client to understand the nature of their work. However, during this time we thought that until we don’t physically see the design we won’t be able to understand the perspective. D.P Zaveri & Sons were kind enough to invite the writers to visit their showroom in Crawford market. During the various interactions, we learned a lot about the client and we could articulate the content much better.

The key challenge for the company was that it was established in 1958 and most of their achievements and milestones were not documented. We had to speak to the founders and the co-workers who have been associated with the company for almost 30 years to try to get the key highlights and achievement of the company. We even researched old newspapers to document their accolades.

LexiConn successfully accomplished the challenge and wrote the web content.

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