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Dr. Prem Gupta is one of the leading exponents of consulting based on Jyotish Shastra and Vastu Shastra in India. They had the unique requirement to create credibility for their online space. They wanted to go online and that is where they contacted LexiConn.

Work Done

Dr. Prem Gupta wanted a client who would understand their nature of business. LexiConn was approached due to its ability to deliver quality and quantity. We immediately gathered a team of experienced writers. Our team had rounds of discussions we understood the USP of their business. They were so impressed by our ideas that not only the content but the web designing was outsourced to LexiConn.

The challenge our team faced was the language, as everything was in hindi and we had to translate it to English. Also, understanding and developing USPs for each of the services was the key challenge as people were not going to just believe it for the words that we would say. With a group of dedicated writers we were able to achieve the target.

Riding to the success of web content services, Dr. Prem Gupta consulted us for their digital media, we also told them how to manage the back end process(like after you get a query then how to make the forms and how to process those enquires). Subsequently we also did patient case study(he before and the after).

Content Solution

Web Content Creation

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