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Soorina Desai, an established author, was looking for editing and proofreading services for her third book’s manuscript.

Work Done

LexiConn was approached for our expertise in editing and copy-editing. We worked with the author chapter by chapter on her over a 50,000-word manuscript. Initially, we edited only the first chapter to show the extent of intervention we offered and to know the amount of effort that we needed to put in. Once we were on the same page about what was required, we proofread the whole book.

In the course of the project, there were several occasions where we went back and suggested changes in the plot. We discussed and debated on various aspects including characters, situations, and plot. We even highlighted a few loose ends.

Based on our suggestions, the author rewrote the manuscript and we finally completed the editing and handed it to the author as the final draft.

The book was published in 2014 and received good reviews from different corners which have led to a long-term association with the author.

Content Solution

Ghostwriting , Manuscript Editing , Proofreading

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