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Birla wellness and healthcare. LexiConn worked on a book for the founder and chairman of the company, who is a page 3 celebrity and a fitness enthusiast, along with his trainer who is very renowned in his field and has several years of experience as a gym fitness coach and bodybuilding. He has also been crowned Mr. India, twice and Mr. Mumbai, thrice. He is also a founder of XL strength training studio, head of R&D- Birla research and life sciences and is a co-founder of PX3.

Work Done

LexiConn was invited to write this book about fitness and training. We worked with both the authors, and people related to the author. We interviewed them to create the book chapter by chapter. This required our writers to have face to face interactions with the authors and create the chapters. It also included collation of hundreds of pages worth content, compiled by authors.

We had to rewrite, revisit, improve the tone, increase the readability, as well as added examples, anecdotes, images and graphics as and when required. This was a book on fitness, hence LexiConn appointed in-house writers with a background in fitness and training.

This helped us understand the subject matter and create a highly targeted and specific book, which would help the reader. It would also help the client put across the message in a technical language. This was an excellent opportunity for LexiConn, which we worked on for two months.

Content Solution

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