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Flexi templates is an online portal that offers various templates for brochures, business cards, corporate identity. They also offer customized services like logo design, brochure design, designs for packaging, etc. LexiConn was approached to make their new website.

Work Done

The company was developing a new website for which they wanted SEO optimized content, with a techno marketing tone. LexiConn was called upon to create copy for various banners as well as brochures for the company. We worked on editing and proofreading the entire web content for the website. LexiConn worked very closely with the founders of the company to understand their mission and vision for the website, conducted comprehensive secondary research to understand the printing domain and the various intricacies involved in the same.

We worked on the entire site map that included various types of print applications, templates for logo business cards, corporate identities, brochures and so on. We were able to create copy for the various landing pages and the entire website efficiently.

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