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Gourmet Foods is a Saudi based, innovative hospitality products distributor, that marketed various unique products, including a special kind of mineral water called ‘Voss’. Being a B2B company they needed creative and appealing product descriptions to interest their clients and improve their market share. They were also looking to bring about an online presence by creating a website.

Work Done

LexiConn was called upon for our expertise in copy-writing and web content creation. We also have a customised approach to each client.

In this case, after initial discussion, we sent out a tailor-made questionnaire to properly understand the client’s requirements. Based on the input received, we created the content for the website. They also provided us slides, from which we wrote descriptions for their products.

Additionally, based on the English content that we provided, the company had their website locally translated into Arabic.

Content Solution

Web Content Creation , Copywriting

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