Hydranautics is a global leader in membrane technology. The company leverages cutting-edge filtration technology to manufacture superior and high-performing membrane products. In 1987, the company became a part of the Nitto Global Membrane Division.

Hydranautics is the first membrane producer to match the highest quality standards with ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. A dedicated Research & Development team continually engages in improving existing products and innovating new membrane products to keep pace with the global need.

With a commitment to technology and research, Hydranautics is building specialized membrane products for various applications around potable water, boiler feedwater, industrial process water, wastewater treatment, surface water treatment, seawater desalination, residential water, electronic rinse water, agricultural irrigation, and pharmaceuticals. The company also has a range of products for specialized applications like dairy.

Work Done

Hydranautics engaged LexiConn to format strategic product decks, sales kits, and reference documents covering key product lines, processes, systems, case studies, use cases, and best practices. The goal was to standardize these documents by ensuring consistency in formatting, layouts, design, and use of infographics. The task also included proofreading the documents.

At LexiConn, we started by understanding the use cases for the various documents and understood the challenges faced by the client and their teams in using the existing documents. We then developed a comprehensive style guide for our internal implementation. This helps standardize punctuations, acronyms, style, format, font sizes, conventions, etc.

Our role included resizing images and text in slides, reimagining complex animations, revisiting slide designs and layouts to include more visual elements and infographics wherever possible, editing given product images by removing/ standardizing backgrounds, removing shadows, etc.

Our writers also search and source images from free sources for Hydranautics literature, their website, and reference documents.

Content Solution

PowerPoint, Infographics Design


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