Kredis Consulting is a renowned name in targeted lead generation and inside sales automation. It offers in-depth advisory to its clientele, backed by a suite of plug and play solutions. The company’s portfolio is geared to help businesses establish a reliable lead generation pipeline, tuned to seek and deliver profitable conversion opportunities.

Today, alongside partnering tech start-ups, Kredis Consulting caters to a broad customer base, operating across diverse industry verticals, including supply chain management, logistics, and financial services.

Work Done

Kredis Consulting was looking for an experienced content services provider that can collaborate seamlessly with its BFSI clientele in developing case studies about their engagements across the globe. Kredis intended to leverage the content downstream for steering inside sales and lead generation efforts as part of its value proposition. Further, they were also seeking quality understanding in Digital Marketing for developing their internal solution brochures. With proven B2B and B2B2C capabilities, LexiConn was ideally positioned to deliver the desired impact within reasonable turnarounds.

As the content partner of Kredis Consulting, LexiConn engaged a team of seasoned writers and BFSI subject matter experts who can interact with its various clients to understand the nuances of their assignments, both overseas and across India. We developed an inclusive project governance framework involving stakeholders from LexiConn, Kredis Consulting and its clients to facilitate the knowledge transfer. Our writers generated a series of case studies, product brochures, and solution documents based on the inputs.

LexiConn also implemented a transparent review mechanism that allowed Kredis Consulting clients to fact-check and ensure that the content reflects the ground realities and are aligned perfectly with their convenience in terms of the information disclosures. The final artefacts were cleared for delivery only after passing through the agreed levels of rigorous quality checks and validations.

LexiConn managed to live upto to the expectations of both Kredis Consulting and its service consumers, who communicated their satisfaction with our business practices on numerous occasions.

Content Solution

Product Brochures, Case Studies, Solution Documents



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