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Onmobile Global specialises in content for mobile devices, mobile platforms, and Web platforms. The company isn’t new to the idea of distributing content through creative means and flash quizzes are just amongst them. These quizzes are released on SMS platforms and readers can choose from the options and select their answers.

The method helps Onmobile’s clients earn a sizeable remuneration considering the wide popularity of such quizzes. The brand was looking out for a content agency, capable of churning out a large number of interactive quizzes for further these goals.

Work Done

LexiConn joined forces to create quizzes that struck a chord with readers. By maintaining the right tone, we were able to achieve this. We ensured that the quality of content stayed at its optimum. The content we created was scanned through expert eyes for factual accuracy.

This was done carefully, without taking away the creative streak and the engaging quality that flash quizzes are synonymous with. We went on to create quizzes across 15 genres spanning politics, movies, sports, technology, and business. It was a collaborative effort that saw the LexiConn team working closely with the content and technology team at Onmobile.

Our team was segmented into 3 tiers to research, write, and validate the content. In only 6 months, we were able to create 5000 questions! The result? Reader engagement and a satisfied client.

Content Solution


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