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Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging is a Dubai-based, innovative photo and souvenir services provider at tourist locations across the globe. They provide unique offerings, templates and have strategic tie-ups with popular tourist destinations.As a franchisee based business, they required B2B brochures and approached LexiConn for content services for the same.

Work Done

The project required LexiConn to write B2B brochure content for prospective partners of the company, that needed to be appealing enough to entice them to join it. The challenge was that the domain was fairly new.

LexiConn took on the challenge. We educated ourselves about the company’s work in imaging solutions and understood their systems, processes, and interventions.

As a result, we were able to produce the content to the client’s satisfaction, showing how the company would help their franchisees do business and highlighting their strengths and achievements, mission-vision, enticing the reader to become a part of Digiphoto Entertainment imaging.

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