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Respected Organization with Varied Activities  

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With a motto of “Realise One’s True Self and Serve Others Selflessly”, Shrimand Rajchandra Mission is one of the most popular, successful and leading Non-Governmental Organisation that endeavors to enhance the spiritual growth of seekers and benefit the society. LexiConn was approached for digital and direct marketing, editing and proofreading.



Work Done

The inception of the Ashram, the activities of the organization is to gain momentum in the realm of Sadhana and Seva. They wanted to create documents that would regularly update their volunteers, donors, the corporate community about their activities. LexiConn was approached to create the content for their brochures, flyers, and a 75-page annual report.

We immediately assigned a team of workers who started their research on the Ashram. We worked very closely with the organization to understand their actions. We worked on editing the existing stories and proofreading them. We also created new stories from rough collateral and rough inputs and outputs that were available in different formats.

We also worked on collaterals like flyers for different activities the organization was doing. LexiConn known for its quality and quantity, successfully managed to create the web content for the website.

Content Solution

Direct Marketing , Digital Marketing Strategy , Proofreading

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