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Roemin Creative Technology is a web development company based in Melbourne, Australia. LexiConn worked with them for their own website as well as their client’s websites. They got in touch with us through our website, when they were a startup. We worked closely with them to develop the sitemap, base content for all the services.

Work Done

We, at LexiConn, were faced with the challenge to not only understand technology and B2B, but also the psychology of a client in Australia. We used our understanding of international marketing and business to tailor the content for Roemin Creative Technology.

We worked with their technical and marketing teams to finalize their site structure while creating the content ground up. We also sent them questionnaires to understand the nuances of their company, their vision- mission, the policies they had, their strengths that we could highlight adequately.

We worked with them for the complete website, creating the SEO based content from scratch, in addition to content for their various blogs. The website was completed in record time. It started bringing them qualified leads and a good amount of traffic on the website. It gave a boost to the company.

Content Solution

Web Content Creation , Blog Marketing

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