Shreyas Bakshi’s work primarily involves managing and facilitating innovations in diverse domains and contexts. He calls himself an innovation wor(k)shipper and has entrepreneurial experience in leading innovation ventures from conceptualising to commercialisation in diverse contexts..

Mr. Bakshi is a thought leader who has worked in various capacities across a variety of sectors such as Healthcare, Mechanical Design and Software. He has institutionalised innovation in two corporate houses across a wide diversity of domains and cultures.

Work Done

With over 30 years of working experience, a major part of which involved leading and managing innovation projects, Mr. Bakshi wanted to use this experience in sharing his learnings with corporate and management leaders in the form of a book. He approached LexiConn to seek our expertise in putting forth his thoughts, views and experience in a systematic and organised manner for an easy but effective reading.

Our task was to help Mr. Bakshi organise his thoughts in the correct flow and provide a well-edited and error-free book. To achieve this, it was important to know the person and his thought process. Through multiple video and audio conversations, we were able to provide a structure to his ideas without disrupting the knowledge that he wanted to share.

After to and fro of exchanging ideas with Mr. Bakshi, our team was able to get a grasp of the factors involved in institutionalising innovation, and were able to arrange his thoughts and experience in a flow that was easy to read and understand. The book titled - Dealing With The Mirage – Institutionalising Innovation was ultimately ready and launched on February 16, 2021.

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