Established in 1988, Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) has quickly emerged as a data-networks and communication solution leader.

STL specialises in optical connectivity and virtual access management, providing end-to-end solutions for global data transmission backbones. Worldwide, the company's products and solutions have found diverse applications in civilian and strategic verticals. They have been steadily building a customer base that includes telecom majors, cloud service providers, frontline technology businesses, PSUs, and defense sector players.

STL is one of the pioneers to invest substantially in developing an ecosystem of partners around the 5G technology through indigenous capability building in the lines of the Make in India Initiative.

Work Done

As the content partner of STL, LexiConn was entrusted to drive its thought leadership efforts in sustainability from a policy and governance standpoint.

STL has embraced sustainability as part of its corporate strategy, embedding its various attributes across the value chain. It ranges from smart manufacturing, water positivity, elaborate Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for its investments, low-carbon offerings, expanded use of renewable energy in its operations to the responsible management of industrial wastes, claiming global accolades for such efforts. Further, STL also maintains a progressive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) posture, incorporating over a dozen interventions to generate tangible results in national priority sectors like primary education, basic healthcare, women empowerment and adequate means of livelihood.

LexiConn was assigned the task to encapsulate its stalwarts' perceptions and ideas into various content formats that can be published on various print and electronic media to shape the industry discourse. It includes commentaries on emerging geopolitical trends and their impact on the global business and social landscapes, full-scale whitepapers on socio-economic and environmental issues, articles on company-specific developments and interview scripts.

LexiConn established a team of subject matter experts and business writers to ensure that the ideas of STL's leadership are impeccably captured and reproduced into engaging content with high-fidelity. The engagement presently runs on a core-flex model, with a dedicated research team focussed on a host of activities like stakeholder interviews, feasibility studies, market analysis and outline development. It is supported by a group of expert B2B writers and editors responsible for the last-mile delivery of the artefacts.

An additional QC layer was also added to ensure maximum compliance. It is an ongoing project with our content being consistently featured in various initiatives of STL.

Content Solution

Whitepapers, Thought Leadership Articles, Press Releases, Interview Scripts, Podcast Scripts

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