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An upcoming children’s fiction writer, Lokesh Kasba, approached LexiConn looking for copy-editing services for his manuscript and inputs about publishing and marketing.

Work Done

The project required LexiConn to copyedit, proofread, polish and finalize the story. In the three week project, we did everything from editing to the helping choose the book cover and art.

The challenge LexiConn faced was that the story was in the form of a script, as the writer had originally intended to make an animated series out of it, and needed to be converted into a book. The fact that the book was about magic and superpowers, for children aged 8-12, added to the challenge since the work required a very different mindset and approach from the writers at LexiConn.

LexiConn rose to the challenge and converted the script into a story with 12 chapters and over 20,000 words.

Content Solution

Manuscript Editing , Copyediting

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