YellowClass is a new-age platform offering free and fun-to-learn hobby classes to kids worldwide. The innovative idea of providing free online hobby classes to children makes YellowClass almost unrivalled in the edutech space.

YellowClass and its world-class mentors believe that when learning is fun, it’s more effective. Since inception, the company has spent more than a million minutes, helping children learn what their little hearts desire, and they have been able to reach out to learners in 50+ countries.



Work Done

YellowClass has a large pool of participants enjoying their free hobby classes. They approached LexiConn to create content for their website and revamp their existing content on the homepage. The objective was to develop an online presence that reflects their attitude; fun and learn.

LexiConn jumped into action with an in-house writer dedicated to serve YellowClass and help them materialise their vision. Working on the project, LexiConn faced some challenges. The difficulty was the lack of references available in the market. No other EduTech platform offers what YellowClass does. However, it presented an opportunity for LexiConn to create something new.

Starting from scratch, LexiConn was able to set the tone that reverberated with YellowClass. The writer, who was also the SPOC from LexiConn, successfully created a communication bridge with YellowClass and held regular discussions to get new ideas across the table.

Team LexiConn was able to articulate the content in tune with the catchy slogans and the website design that was optimised for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Content Solution

Web Content Writing

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