The client is one of India’s leading financial brokers and part of diversified financial services company with an asset base of ₹59,400 crores (as on March 2020). The company manages portfolios for individuals, corporations, and institutions.


The client’s primary offerings are share broking and wealth management. The brand engages and empowers its customers with knowledge that helps them make prudent investment decisions and gain from market opportunities.



The client’s focus for 2020-21 was to evolve its positioning from a “broking services provider” to a “wealth management expert” by creating unbiased and compelling content.


It was agreed that the path to success largely included offering honest, timely, and expert opinions on emerging trends. It translated into content around investment ideas and strategies based on insights and market data.


Since most of their target audience comprises a matured audience, the task was to deepen the content coverage with evergreen and technical topics like technical analysis, charts, trading mindsets, biases, etc.


The task also involved updating the existing web content and articles based on keyword recommendations and evolving product features and capabilities.





Creating content for BFSI is challenging. However, there is always room for innovative formats and topical campaigns. Our first task was to identify the gaps and the opportunities in the current content landscape. We also needed to carry out a qualitative and performance audit for the brand’s existing content assets and initiatives.



The banking and wealth management category is highly sensitive to environmental and economic developments. Hence, a solid content plan warrants the team to track the space and stay on top of emerging stories.



The client’s website had a section carrying close to 200 articles and posts across products, buyer journey, and campaigns. Our job was to revamp these blogs for upping their search engine performance and gaining backlinks. This meant revising them for updating data points like fund performance, improving keyword density, and adding hyperlinks.



The new positioning required the brand to appeal to a more matured audience, build engagement, and win their trust. This required us to undertake a comprehensive audit of all the existing content pieces to recommend enhancements and additions.



The client works with various agencies (web, digital, branding, PR, etc.) who collaborate across formats and campaigns.

It was observed that each one was following a unique writing style. A standard content style guide covering conventions, syntax, and tone was required to avoid inconsistencies and to release editing and proofreading bottlenecks.





The first task was to map the competitive landscape to study the content-led initiatives by similar companies. A team of content analysts at LexiConn used digital platforms, proprietary formats, and data analysis to draw out the points of parity and the points of differentiation for our client.


Using various inputs, technical feasibility, and data points, we developed a dynamic content calendar. It covered recommendations for the core themes to be covered in any month, the potential content topics and the talking points, the product plugins, and recommendations for the content format.



Based on the market insights and the client’s digital marketing team’s inputs, we developed content for over 300 SEO articles, thought leadership content for LinkedIn, web content for product pages, questions and answers for Quora, concept notes, talking points for webinars, and more.


With a keen eye on relevant trends (in 2020), we created content for themes like fiscal budget, COVID-19, gold rally, volatility in the market,  vaccine development, US elections, and many more. Our thought leadership pieces were posted on portals like Money Control and ET, among others.



We worked closely with the product team to list down the FAQs around their trading platforms and investment strategies. These insights were transformed into questions and answers for Quora, and SEO article URLs were strategically posted as part of the answers to generate backlinks.



LexiConn used proprietary formats and a deep-rooted understanding of the content writing process to develop a standard and comprehensive style guide. This document covered conventions, language preferences, readability metrics, tone of voice, punctuation, formatting, referencing, and general dos and don’ts.



We audited the brand’s content across assets like the website, social media posts, direct communication templates, and e-mailers, and benchmarked them against the content style guide. We identified gaps and recommended areas for improvement.


In addition to the tone and language, the content audit also uncovered SEO-related opportunities. These were plugged by rewriting-writing existing blogs with newer keywords, and by adding more blogs to cover essential topics.



2020 could indeed be the watershed year for webinars. It soon became important for digital marketers to be able to overcome the webinar fatigue and break the clutter. We helped our client put together one of the most successful webinars featuring a celebrated Olympic athlete and an internal personal finance expert.


Our team was involved throughout the process – from brainstorming webinar ideas to writing multiple concept notes and planning the flow of the questions, to researching and scriptwriting for recommending talking points for the participants.



With LexiConn as its content partner, the client has been able to cement its space in the intensely competitive wealth management segment.


Our real-time industry inputs, content recommendations, and a well-defined content calendar helped them stay ahead and publish seamlessly.


We achieved excellent ratings and accolades for our work at the year-end review, and the client appreciated our proactive, ownership-driven approach and acknowledged the value we added to the team!


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