The Client

The client is leading manufacturer of ambulance and handicap vehicles in Saudi Arabia. Their primary marketing objective is to maintain their market share in the Middle East and target newer markets in Europe and USA.

Owing to the two very different target markets, the client invested in a bi-lingual website (Arabic and English). In order to receive its fair share of the organic search traffic, the website has been search engine optimized with keywords targeting these geographies.

The Goal

In order to have complete control over the website’s performance and to take informed decisions for maintaining and upgrading the website, it was essential to have a comprehensive performance audit. Moreover, identifying the visitor behavior and demography trends could also provide insights into potential markets and aid expansion decisions.

Since the client had minimal knowledge about the web terminology, it was important that the report was easy to understand for all the stakeholders.

The Solution

Based on the background study and requirements, a quarterly Google Analytics report was suggested. The report was to include explanation, observations and corresponding conclusions about the various readings available on the Google Adwords dashboard. The most critical ones being:

  • Visitors Profile
  • Technical Profile
  • Traffic Sources Overview
  • Top Traffic Sources
  • Map Overlay (geographical)
  • Region-wise Site Usage
  • Content Overview
  • Top Content

SEO experts at LexiConn accessed and analyzed the readings on a quarterly basis and compile a strategic website performance report. The observations and readings were presented in an illustrated and comprehensible format. We used easy to understand graphs, visuals, clipart and icons, while the observations and suggestions were presented in a simple bulleted to-do list. Regular suggestions are given for:

  • Adding/deleting content
  • Sustaining offline marketing and direct marketing initiatives
  • Performing minor tweaks to the design/content
  • Adding plugins like product videos, company brochures, etc.

The Benefit

The quarterly reports proved to be much more than the mere breakdown of information. Comparative studies across several quarters led to the identification of trends – seasonal, geographical and demographic. This SEO report helped the client draw conclusions about their website’s acceptance and provided them direction for future marketing and expansion strategies.

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