Our client is a Barcelona (Spain) based tech start-up solving dual challenges – Skill Development and Recruitment of drivers and delivery partners. 


On one hand, it offers upskilling and learning opportunities to delivery partners, and on the other hand, it is a platform where food delivery and courier companies can hire at scale. It is thereby helping them solve the last-mile delivery challenges faced by e-commerce companies. 


The client caters to candidates and recruiters across the globe. Some of the biggest delivery companies in the world hire using their platform,  which has been critically acclaimed and has won multiple accolades and recognitions in a short period.



To deliver the training side of their product, the client has developed a microlearning platform where candidates can sign up for courses and get certified for job-relevant skills. Upon completing these learning modules, the candidates are ready to apply for roles requiring advanced skills,  attitudes, and abilities. 


These skills would benefit their clients (companies that hire riders) and empower delivery partners  (individual riders) to build confidence and grow towards their next career stage. 


The client chose to take the microlearning route from across the globe. Hence, the microlearning content needed to be inclusive and universally acceptable while covering the topic well. This required the content team to be cognizant of the cultural sensitivities and avoid references and connotations that could have multiple interpretations among a wide set of audiences primarily comprising working professionals, gig workers, or university students who prefer to learn on the go. The goal was to keep the learning time per module to less than 20 minutes.


One of the key challenges for the client was to upload the modules into their customized CMS.  The complexity stemmed from the fact that each module would have multiple learning objectives,  and each learning objective would have multiple questions, all of which would further have multiple images, GIFs, etc.  


LexiConn offered a one-stop-solution.





The crux of a microlearning module is the relevance of the topics chosen, the long and short term objectives, and the subject matter expertise, to make the learning practical. Since the client primarily caters to the delivery and courier companies, the SME expectations were around customer service, hospitality, driving etiquette, and more.



The target audience for the client was learners interpretations. 

Besides, the writers were required to keep the content simple, so that it could be easily translated without losing its essence and effectiveness.



Insights and studies suggested that the target age group is likely to stay engaged and complete the modules if there was an element of fun and humor in the learning. The goal was to make microlearning addictive. But then, humor is subjective and needs to resonate.


Being consistently funny is not easy either. Especially while creating hundreds of questions across modules,  learning objectives, and complexities. The challenge is also compounded when a single piece of content is positioned to address a global audience. 


“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious”.


Blending hilarious wrong answer options alongside the correct ones. All the while, keeping in mind not to make the right answers too obvious.


Using pop fiction, social media trends, science fiction, superhero movies, comics, cartoons, memes, and quotes.

Using GIFs to deliver a creative punchline and humor, while maintaining an academic tone for the subject matter.


Our reviewers ensured that the content was crisp, clear, and proofread to weed out errors and misrepresentations.



The challenge was to search for the most appropriate image for an answer option/ question/ joke. At times, a single question would require four to five images. Our team explored various platforms,  tools, and portals. We searched for free GIFs, funny  GIFs, and popular animated GIFs to zero-in on a set of reliable and versatile sources.


We also accessed some of the popular paid portals to source images. These were downloaded, tagged,  enhanced, and stored along with relevant textual content. Ready for uploading.



To add value to our offering and to eliminate the need for coordination, we offered to upload the content into the client’s CMS. We set-up a floater team to aid the development team with the uploading (all this while the team members worked remotely due to the pandemic).


We soon developed an internal SOP for streamlining the complicated uploading process. Our intervention helped. The client saved close to 100 manhours.



With LexiConn as one of the most prominent content agencies, the client found a reliable partner to make skilling fun and accessible, while preparing participants for real jobs. 


Our scale and scope of operations allowed the client to drastically reduce the time to market and powered by their exponential scaling up plans. As a sign of confidence in our abilities, the client extended the scope of work to add 150 modules to their curriculum. 


In a world where information is free, and knowledge is scarce, learners can be overwhelmed. A microlearning platform takes away the stress from learning and facilitates meaningful career transitions and growth. We are glad to partner our client on their mission to change lives.



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