India’s Leading NBFCs

About the Client

The client is one of India’s leading non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and serves as the holding company for multiple financial services businesses for one of the country’s oldest and largest conglomerates. It offers a gamut of loan products, including business loan, personal loan, gold loan, and home loan. Additionally, it also provides tailor-made loans to cater to the needs of professionals such as doctors, chartered accountants, and engineers. 


The company — whose financial assets stood at Rs. 269,460.60 crores for FY 20-21 — also has a vast EMI network across the length and breadth of the country where customers can buy a range of products at no-cost EMI.


The Need

The client approached us for CAT A (category A) content on their products to be published on their portal and third-party websites. They required approximately 100 unique articles ranging from 500 to 1,000 words every month with subtle product integration at strategic places. The keyword-enriched articles needed:


– 3-4 Short and crisp headlines

– Summary at the end

– Product hyperlinking

– Promotion of pre-approved offer

– Statistics and data, wherever applicable

– Usage of terms in line with legal requirements


The articles had to be delivered within strict deadlines without compromising on quality. Equally essential was coordinating with various stakeholders simultaneously in charge for different products at the client’s end.



Challenges were on multiple fronts. Since we were catering to a huge volume every month, there was little breathing space. It was crucial to ensure that each write-up was up to the mark on the first attempt. At the same time, brainstorming topics for professional loans, i.e., loans catering to doctors, CAs, and engineers, was easier said than done. 


Apart from relevancy, we also had to ensure that they resulted in a genuine requirement for a loan. As there wasn’t much difference between the actual offerings, it was all the more essential to ensure that the topics aligned with the loan requirements for doctors, CAs, and engineers. 


Another challenge was to ensure product integration without sounding too salesy. The need and utility for loans had to come out naturally. In a nutshell, the flow of the write-ups was to be in a manner product plugin seemed natural, without force fit. 



Our vast experience in handling such tasks meant that we knew what to do right from the word go. A separate team of writers, editors, and subject matter experts (SMEs) was set up to cater to the requirements. We created an internal checklist that was circulated among all involved in the project. After internal discussion, the team shared an online sheet with the client that had the name of the topics and the submission date. 


We decided to assign two topics to writers per day, and editors were required to edit three pieces in a day. The delivery sheet shared with the client ensured a minimum of five write-ups each day without fail. After editors edited the pieces, SMEs went through the documents to ensure legal compliance and other aspects. The team delivered the pieces after the go-ahead from the SMEs.


Apart from a core team, we also had a flexi team on standby for addressing contingencies. This team was trained to pitch in when required and deliver the pieces as per expected quality. We put in a mechanism wherein feedback and suggestions were shared in real-time with the entire team (core and flexi) to avoid blips.



Our approach helped us deliver the content pieces on time with A-grade quality. The client witnessed a:


– Significant rise in the queries for loan products

– Boost in organic traffic


It also gave them an edge over their competitors. Pleased with our work, the client increased the volume of tasks significantly.