Our client, one of India’s oldest e-commerce portal, offering electronic goods, merchandise, apparels, home and kitchen appliances, furniture, and more. Through its popular portal, the company caters to thousands of shoppers each day. They manage over 30 product categories and tens of product variants.

The Need

Our client requires regular product descriptions for the new products and categories they wish to sell online. Based on the category, every product (SKU) has approximate 40 content attributes like

  • Features
  • Highlights
  • Long and short descriptions
  • MRP and Selling Price
  • Delivery Promise
  • Color
  • Accessories
  • Dimensions, etc.

Since our client’s strengths lie in logistics and backend integration, they decided to outsource their content writing requirements. They were also in need of a vendor that could offer data mining services for researching information that was not readily available.

The Need

Hundreds of new products are uploaded/ edited every day. Newer categories are also added regularly. With the aggressive promotion plans that the client has, they required extensive content for their portal. Even the slightest of error could significantly compromise their brand image, amount to huge losses, and put the backend in a serious spot. Hence, they required a content agency that could offer dependable research, editing and proofreading services.


In 2009, the client approached LexiConn and presented an opportunity to create content for their online electronics goods portal.

Our content experts quickly grasped their requirements and molded our skill to learn their SAP-based templates, retail terminologies and product codes. Gradually we grew from category-to-category and covered thousands of SKUs. Presently (2012), we process hundreds of such SKUs every month and ensure strict adherence to process and quality. We also continue to conduct extensive data mining to research information.

Writing Style: We ensure that we write for the masses. Along with technical accuracy, we maintain a brief and crisp style of writing and formatting that is easy to read online.

Onsite Writing: We have also carried out on-site product description writing projects for the client – wherein our content teams have been stationed at the client’s warehouses, and have created content by physical inspection!


The client has applauded LexiConn for its high standards, timely deliveries and dependency for managing a large volume of products. They are satisfied with our command on the creative as well as technical aspects of product description writing.

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