Content Tip 238: Search engines prefer to direct traffic towards authentic and fresh content Never resort to black hat SEO practices to get web traffic It does

Content Tip 237: When writing for selling, give customers a reason to buy Link every feature you describe, with a benefit, instead of resorting to empty superla

Content Tip 236: Tone of writing matters! By knowing who your target audience is, and speaking to them in a language they are comfortable with, you can increase

#Content Tip 235: Easy-to-read content is not easy to create! Start by creating a mind-map to outline your ideas This allows you to distribute your words evenly

Content Tip 234: When you embark on the journey called Content Marketing, have a big heart Don’t look for instant gratification and point-to-point ROI What yo

Content Tip 212: Invest in BigData to gain meaningful insights about the buying behaviour of your clients and prospects The more you know, the more targeted, ti

Content Tip 207: Adopt a collaborative approach for B2B content You cannot write a futuristic post though desk-based secondary research Engage in-house or exter

Content Tip 175: A B2B content marketing strategy is generally incomplete without a white paper If you are developing cutting-edge solutions, or have an expert

Content Tip 145: With B2B content, be Crisp Address these things – What are the objectives What are the goals What are your solutions to achieve these goals B

Content Tip 55: Adopt the relevant tone for your given target audience Educate them but don’t spoon-feed Leave them asking for more Clearly establish your exp