Contrary to popular belief, writing is not everybody’s cup of tea Beginners are expected to fumble a little when venturing into the vast domain of content wri

Content Tip 239: Create an interest in your brand by regularly publishing engaging and relevant content Blogs, articles, and newsletters are some ideas that can

Content Tip 27: What is an ideal blog length There is no exact number, but up to 500 words works best Try bulleted lists (up to 10 sub-points) for longer opinio

Every writer goes through the same stages: initial fascination with the written word, some sharpening of skills, finding the genre and then, developing a unique

It starts off as a strenuous battle with a heavy pencil and protesting, dry paper Then it turns into a mildly pleasant experience with the tools of the craft tu

 What do you want to be when you grow up A: I want to create incredible things, spin yards and yards of stories, work magic with the power of my words… I wa

Do you mentally correct your friend’s sentence construction as she vents her anger at being sacked Do you feel like punching your partner in the face when he