Helming one of India's leading content agency is no easy task, but someone's got to do it Read about our director Khamir Purohit's journey in the world of conte

Content Tip 269: Do not merely publish content and forget about it Go back to see how it has been received, review the feedback, and engage with comments 365

Content Tip 265: Think from your customer’s perspective when creating content What are they looking for How will your solutions provide value

Content Tip 237: When writing for selling, give customers a reason to buy Link every feature you describe, with a benefit, instead of resorting to empty superla

Content Tip 236: Tone of writing matters! By knowing who your target audience is, and speaking to them in a language they are comfortable with, you can increase

#Content Tip 235: Easy-to-read content is not easy to create! Start by creating a mind-map to outline your ideas This allows you to distribute your words evenly

Content Tip 234: When you embark on the journey called Content Marketing, have a big heart Don’t look for instant gratification and point-to-point ROI What yo

Content Tip 180: New age assessments demand way more than reproducing textual content That is why an assessment writer needs to constantly innovate to challenge

Content Tip 145: With B2B content, be Crisp Address these things – What are the objectives What are the goals What are your solutions to achieve these goals B

Content Tip 144: Did you know The attention span of an average online reader is reducing From 12 seconds in 2011, it was down to 8 seconds in 2013 and is reduci

Content Tip 143: Invest in quality content to drive customer engagement, build deeper relationships, and enhance brand awareness There are no shortcuts to succe

Content Tip 142: Forums, Threads, Webinars, and Opinion Polls are great ways to collate User Generated Content You need the right set of questions to trigger va